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                  The Big 6 Values


Artist : Susana Tasniyom , Nuttcha Jittanon

Producer /Music : Surak Suksaewee

Arranged : Komol Boonpienpol

Lyrics : Surak Suksaewee , Amornsuda  Kanchanapee , Sam Thongrong


* It’s time to follow our dreams

and carry out our mission

Make a better world to fullfill our vision

We are team with hearts n’ hands,

so the difference would reveal

Let’s make it happen,

just believe in Big 6 Values

Na ni na .. na na ni na na…The Big 6 Values

Na ni na .. na ni na na na na...The 6 Values

(We believe in Big 6 Values)

We are passionate seeking the best

at what we do

We’re ambitious for growth,

winning spirit is shining through

Being humble,listens actively,

eager to learn something new

We treat everyone with respect and dignity

Repeat *

We’re all responsible,

Taking ownership in our actions

We make big commitments

and follow through with everyone

Team  that works collaboratively,

recognises contributions

We’re ready to bring innovative solutions

Repeat * / Solo / Repeat *

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