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I’ll Take You There      


Artist : Jennifer Kim

Composer/Lyrics/Producer : Surak Suksaewee

Arranger : Sothinan Chailangkarn


Let’s Leave the Past Behind.

It’s Wonderful to Be Alive.

A Journey Time That Makes You Feel Free.

There’s a Place That You Dream of Fantasy.

A Place That People Say SAWASDEE.

You Need Someone to Share Some of the Best Moment in Life.

And I’ll Always Be by Your Side.

* I’ll Take You There,

Get You to The Land of Smile.

Remember the Good Times.

Keep It in Your Mind.

Let Me Take Your Hand.

I’m Gonna Make You Smile and Shine.

The Real Journey in Life.

The Day You Come Fly with Me.

Watch the Sunrise, Find Peace in Mind,

Live a Simple Life.

Dance in The Moonlight,

Experience New Things.

Make a Difference in Your Life.

Wonderful Nature, Amazing Cultures,

Beautiful Thai-Style.

Beside You, We’re Flying High.

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