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บุญฤทธิ์ มหามนตรี ประธานกรรมการ บ.ไลอ้อน (ประเทศไทย) จำกัด

                         Destiny of Life


Artist : Panasaya Kittigthakul (Net The Star 12)

Feat. Koranut Nipkanont (Victor)

Lyrics :

Rap Lyrics : Thongchat Ritthiwong

Melody : Surak Suksaewee

Music : Sothinant Chailangkarn (Bee Etc.)

Producer : Surak Suksaewee

50 Years Lion Corporation


Look what I've become,  I've wondered destiny

Born for, the all life has for me

Fame to build a name,

gold diamonds and precious stones

But no, I've never thought to own.

Walk the same lone road,

It's normal yes, to care to find a life good and fair

Pull the load, doing my part

The best creations, from my heart.

Chorus  : Hold on to faith, with moral stand

Believe the beauty in me

Be the one to give the one to share.

With all  my soul, to do the things I can

Make m' proud of who I am

The greatest gift forevermore.

In love and harmony, watch over' m family

Warmin' hearts of everyone around

Doin' deeds, expectin' no return

I've found the answer in my life 

Chorus /  Rap

I always ask myself, what am I looking for?

Even when I tried so hard, Still didn’t know

I was looking around, Couldn’t have let it go

My destiny must know where I should have been.

I tried to figure out how to break this circle.

How much I need to fullfill my heart in the middle?

more money more fame can cause you in trouble!

Stop tryin’ to struggle and you will see...

Life is a mirror   Reflects what I do

Life is a journey   That’s so beautiful

I can make it happen with everything I knew

Cause I’ve learned the value of being kind

You gotta have faith, and you are doing great

And everything you do make sure that it’s gonna be the best

give your all, Rise or Fall, you won’t regret!

we’re making the world become a better place!

Be the best I can

Do the good to care

Be the one to give the one to share

With all  my soul, to do the things I can

Make m' proud of who I am

The greatest gift forevermore within me.

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